What Are Eye Pins Used For In Jewelry Making? (Solution)

Head or eye pins are frequently used in jewelry manufacturing, especially for the creation of charms and earrings. Head pins feature a flat or round stopper at one end to prevent beads from sliding off, whereas eye pins have a loop already formed at one end so that they may be used as a connection without any additional tools.

What are headpins used for?

Featuring a flat head on one end, head pins may be used to produce dangles or to transform beads into pendants. Featuring a loop on one end, eye pins are versatile and may be used to make dangles and pendants, as well as connectors between pieces of jewelry.

What are jewelry headpins?

In its most basic form, a headpin is a piece of wire with a “head” (stopper) at one end that prevents beads from slipping off the wire. Using the remaining length of wire, build either a simple loop or a wrapped loop using jewelry pliers once the beads have been strung onto your head pin.

What are crimp beads used for?

Crimp beads are soft metal beads that are used in place of knots to fasten clasps and beads to stringing materials that are difficult to tie, such as beading wire. Crimps must be squashed with flat nose pliers, or they must be folded into a tiny volume with specialty crimping pliers that “fold” the bead into a small volume before they can be used.

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