What Ring Size Is 2 3 4 Inches? (Solution)

Conversion Table for Ring Sizes

Inside Diameter Sizes
inches mm US Canada
0.538 13.67 2 1/2
0.546 13.87 2 3/4
0.554 14.07 3


How do I know my ring size in inches?


  1. Make a string that is approximately 6 inches in length. Fold the thread around the base of each finger, right below the knuckle. With the pen, mark the spot where the string comes to an end. Place the measured string on the ruler so that the area marked on your right is covered.

Is a size 7 ring big or small?

Among women, the most commonly encountered finger size is seven, and the most commonly encountered ring size for women is seven. The most frequent size range for them is between 6 and 8 inches in circumference.

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