How To Measure Ring Width? (Correct answer)

Follow these methods to determine your ring size:

  1. String or paper should be wrapped around the base of your finger. Mark the spot where the ends meet with a pen.
  2. Measure the thread or paper using a ruler (mm).
  3. Pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart to get your ring size.

How do you measure your ring size with a tape measure?

Place the measuring tape around your index finger and draw it around in a circle to get the desired length. Make minor adjustments to the size of the circle and slide it across your knuckles to ensure that it fits comfortably. Make a note of the millimeter measurements and go to the comparison table or measuring guide PDF to determine your ring size after that.

Is there an app to measure ring size?

Here is the link to the Ring Sizing AppTM download page. It’s just as simple for Android and older iOS users to get started. Simply place your ring finger on the screen of your phone, tweak the sizing lines to define your finger, and you’ll have your ring size in seconds!

Is a 2mm wedding band too thin?

The width of a 2mm band is narrow, making it ideal for pairing with an engagement ring or for wearing alone as a more delicate band. 3mm (Spaghetti): This “classic feminine width” ring looks lovely next to an engagement band, but is also substantial enough to be worn on its own without an engagement ring. 4mm: For those looking for a band in the middle of the spectrum.

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What is the width of a size 7 ring?

Among women, the most frequent ring sizes are 6 (16.5 mm), 6.5 (16.9 mm), and 7 (17.3 mm), while the most common men’s ring sizes are 10 (19.8 mm), 10.5 (20.2 mm), and 11 (23.0 mm), respectively (20.6 mm).

How wide should my wedding band be?

Wedding and engagement band widths range from 1.6 millimeters all the way up to 20 millimeters with most women and men selecting between 1.6 millimeters and 8 millimeters. Men’s rings will normally range somewhat broader from 4 millimeters to 7 millimeters.

How can I measure my finger size without her knowing?

6 Uncovering Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing It

  1. Tactic #1: Borrow one of her already-existing engagement rings. The second tactic is to enlist the assistance of family or friends. The third tactic is to slip it into casual conversation. Tactic #4: Enlist the help of others to ask. Tactic #5: Compare the size of her fingers to yours. Tactic #6: Simply inquire!

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