How To Make Certain Contacts Ring On Silent Iphone? (Solution found)

Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

  1. Navigate to the ‘Phone’ application. Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ area. Select the contact or contacts that you want to be able to reach even while your phone is in quiet mode. ‘Add to Favorites’ may be found at the bottom of the menu.

Can you make someone’s phone ring when it’s on silent?

This is impossible unless the owner has configured the contacts list for you in order to bypass the quiet ring. It is possible to login as them and treat the situation as if it were a lost phone if you have their Android or iPhone login credentials. The phone would then continue to ring even if the device was switched off.

Can you turn ringer on for one person?

Set your phone’s silence tones to be the default setting. Go to your contacts and customize the ringtone and notification sounds that you wish to hear for each person on your list. All calls will now be routed to voicemail, with the exception of those you specifically want to be received.

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Can I set my iPhone to ring for one person?

Change the “Do Not Disturb” settings on your iPhone. Choose the group you wish to get notifications from by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb, tapping on “Allow Calls From,” and selecting it regardless of whether Silent Mode is on. One batch of calls is the only one you may accept.

How do I only let my favorites ring?

Select the particular contact from the drop-down menu > Select Edit > Ringtone from the drop-down menu. There’s an option for “Emergency Bypass” at the top of the screen; flip this on for any calls you wish to receive regardless of your vibrating or do not disturb settings. Repeat the process for each person that you want to be able to contact you.

Can you make an iPhone ring if its on silent?

However, while you might ordinarily just have a friend or someone call it, your iPhone may occasionally be set to quiet – and good luck trying to locate it that way. When you press the “Play Sound” button, a pinging sound will be heard loudly, regardless of whether your iPhone is on quiet or vibrating.

Can you override silent mode on iPhone?

If there are particular people—a spouse, a parent, or a child—whose calls and messages you want to be able to receive whenever you wish to break through the cone of silence, iOS provides a solution for you: Emergency Bypass. Emergency Bypass may be enabled for calls in the Ringtone settings and for messages in the Text Tone settings, and it can be disabled for both calls and texts.

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How do you ping someones iPhone?

Glimpses may be accessed by swiping up from the clock face. Swipe left until you reach the first screen, which says Settings (Figure 4.113). Connected in green with an iPhone symbol indicates that you may ping your iPhone from the top of the glance window. Figure 4.113: a diagram of The Ping iPhone button may be found in the Settings view of the screen.

How do I make a silent ringtone for one contact?

Setting a specific contact’s phone to silent mode on Android is explained here.

  1. Then, save it to the phone’s Sd card as a 10 second mp3 silent ringtone. Go to contacts, scroll down until you find the specific person you want to silence, and then pick them. Touch the menu button, then hit the choices button.

How do I make my iPhone not silence calls?

The iPhone’s call silence feature may be turned off in several ways.

  1. Select Settings > Do Not Disturb from the drop-down menu. Toggle the Do Not Disturb switch to the left by pressing the button. Swipe up from the bottom of your smartphone to bring up the Control Center, where you may swiftly enable incoming call notifications to enter. Silencing may be turned off by tapping the moon-shaped Do Not Disturb symbol.

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