How Many Ring Bearers Can You Have? (Best solution)

It is OK to have more than one ring bearer at your wedding if you so choose. In your wedding party, you may always include more than one ring bearer, regardless of whether or not they are the same age. Alternatively, older children might pull little children in a cart, or one attendant can carry the rings while the other holds a sign for them.

How many ring bearers and flower girls can you have?

Flower girls and ring bearers are often between the ages of three and seven when they participate in weddings. They are frequently selected from among the children of close friends or family members, or from among the children of the couple themselves if they have any children of that age. The presence of more than one flower girl or ring bearer, or the absence of any flower girl(s) or ring bearer, is acceptable (s).

Do ring bearers actually hold the rings?

No. The ring bearer is wearing a ring that is not real. Yes, you’ll be utilizing decoy rings for the ring bearer to bring down the aisle, which is a surprise choice. The Best Man should have the REAL wedding rings in his pocket at all times.

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Can a 14 year old be a ring bearer?

Flower girls and ring bearers are often between the ages of three and eight years old, depending on the tradition. You should not allow this deter you from appointing younger or older people to fill those positions, as well as adults, especially if you are opposed to the concept of involving youngsters in your wedding.

Do ring bearers have to match groomsmen?

The Look: Unless he’s dressed in a full-on suit or tuxedo, the ring bearer doesn’t have to match the groom or groomsmen’s attire exactly. Put a little more color and flair into his design than you would for his elder rivals.

Is 10 too old for a ring bearer?

Typically, the most ideal age range for a ring bearer or flower girl is between the ages of four and ten years old. However, today’s weddings feature toddlers and even newborns in these prestigious roles, which is unusual in the past.

Is 10 too old for a flower girl?

Children between the ages of three and eight are the most suitable flower girls for weddings. In certain cases, she may be slightly younger or older than you, depending on your circumstances. It is possible to designate her as a junior bridesmaid if she is between the ages of 10 and 16.

Can you have two ring bearers?

If you’re having a large number of flower girls or ring bearers, be prepared for things to not go exactly as planned. Several of the ring bearers may refuse to go down the aisle, one of the flower girls may lose her basket, and one or more of the ring bearers may have a tantrum.

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What does a ring bearer do with the fake rings?

The Ring Bearer is armed with fictitious rings. Place phony rings on the ring bearer’s pillow or in his or her box. In this way, if calamity occurs and the small tyke misplaces the rings, there will be no lasting damage. Instead, the genuine wedding rings might be carried by the best man or the maid of honor.

Can ring bearer be a girl?

The ring bearer is traditionally a nephew of either the bride or the groom. The son of your maid of honor or best man, on the other hand, can take on this position. If you have a young boy of your own, the position of ring bearer is an excellent opportunity to incorporate him in the festivities. Pre-teens or young women might be chosen to be the ring bearer.

What can ring bearers carry?

The ring bearer is generally responsible for transporting your wedding bands, which are attached to a little cushion or placed in a small box. Alternatively, if you are concerned about the rings being misplaced, you might have the ring bearer carry a sign, banner, basket, or a pair of backup rings in their place. At what point does the ring bearer make his way down the aisle?

Is 12 too old to be a ring bearer?

Junior bridesmaids are between the ages of 12 and 16, however you can go even younger if you need to. Having a younger JBM is preferable to having an Amazon flower girl as a flower girl. Anyone above the age of 18 is considered a bridesmaid, maid of honor, or matron of honor (if she is married). In addition, ring carriers should be between the ages of three and seven.

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Do you need a flower girl and ring bearer?

First and first, you are not required to have a ring bearer, or even a flower girl, for your wedding ceremony. Although you may know a lot of cute children who would be perfect for the job, they are not essential.

Why is the ring bearer a boy?

A different school of thought dates back to medieval times, when a small kid known as a page boy was responsible for carrying the bride’s train down the aisle while also holding a book of prayers for the bride and groom. The rings were not carried by the page boys since they were delivered to the pair on the points of swords by the groom and bride.

Should Father of groom match groomsmen?

As a general guideline, the fathers should at the very least match the amount of formality displayed by the groomsmen in the wedding party. In other words, if the groomsmen are wearing tuxedos, the dads should also be dressed in tuxedos. If the groomsmen are dressed in suits, they should at the very least be wearing a tie.

Who holds the bride’s ring?

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, the ring bearer is in charge of transporting the couple’s wedding rings down the aisle. The ring bearer is often between the ages of three and eight years old, making him or her one of the youngest members of the bridal party.

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