Apple Watch Doesn T Ring When Phone Rings 2020? (Solution)

If you have your phone or watch set to Do Not Disturb mode, it will not ring when you get a call while in this mode. Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off by going to Settings Do Not Disturb. In a similar vein, be certain that your iPhone is not in silent mode. Cover to Mute may be turned off in the Watch app on your phone by going to Sound and Haptics > Cover to Mute.

Why does my Apple Watch not ring when my Phone rings?

It’s possible that you don’t have sound enabled in your phone’s settings. To check, launch the Watch app on your iPhone and select My Watch from the drop-down menu. If you want your Watch to ring and vibrate at the same time, scroll down and choose Phone. Then, under Ringtone, make sure both Sound and Haptic are toggled on if you want your Watch to ring and vibrate at the same time.

Why is my apple watch not showing incoming calls?

Check the following settings on your phone: On your iPhone, open the Watch app and select My Watch (tab) > Phone from the menu. Choose Custom and then customize the parameters for each of the alerts and ringtones, making sure that the Alert Volume is set to the center or right hand side of the screen, among other things.

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Why doesn’t my phone ding when I have my Watch on?

In the WATCH APP > Messages, select Custom from the drop-down menu and then set “Repeat Alerts” to NEVER. When you get a text message with a custom text tone, and your phone is locked and not connected to an unlocked watch, the first time you receive a text message with a custom text tone, you will not hear the custom SMS tone, and your watch will chime.

How do I get alerts on both Apple Watch and iPhone?

Alternatively, you may turn off Wrist Detection on your iPhone by going to: My Watch > Passcode – turn off Wrist Detection in the Watch app (on your iPhone), which will result in all notification alerts being transmitted to both devices.

Why does my iPhone not notify me when I have my Apple watch on?

Your iPhone will get alerts if it is unlocked, rather than on your Apple Watch, if your iPhone is unlocked. In the event that your iPhone is locked or asleep, you’ll receive alerts on your Apple Watch, unless your Apple Watch is protected with a password of your choosing. Some apps, such as the Noise app, can only be accessed through your Apple Watch’s interface.

Why does my Apple Watch not ding when I get a text?

Go to My Watch > Messages in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and double-check your configurations there. Example: You may set this to Custom and then activate each of the Show Alerts, Sound, and Haptic options under the Alerts section.

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